PAMM-account — is a unique service from which investors can earn without trading. Investors invest in the accounts of traders who receive a profit reward for managing those investments.

How does a PAMM account work


One opens a PAMM-account and invests in it a certain amount (manager’s capital), which they use in trading on a par with their investors. The manager creates an offer where they indicate the terms of cooperation, including the percentage of profit, which is their remuneration for managing accounts.


One studies the effectiveness of managers using an independent rating and invests funds in the selected PAMM account. If the trading result is positive, the investor makes a profit, part of which is paid the manager for successful work.

The manager’s funds 300 USD 60%
The investor's funds 200 USD 40%
PAMM account amount before the beginning of the trading interval 500 USD
The amount of the PAMM-account after the trading interval 1500 USD
Manager's funds (900 USD)
Taking into account the compensation(80 USD)
980 USD
Investor’s funds (600 USD)
net of remuneration (80 USD)
520 USD

How to invest?

Choose a suitable PAMM account in the ratingвам ПАММ-счет

Register your private office and replenish your personal account in a way convenient for you

Invest and control the funds of the investment account in Your personal account

Download Agreement

How to become a Manager?

Register your account if you do not already have one

Open a PAMM account, specify the capital of the Manager and transfer the appropriate amount from the personal account

Set the terms of the offer, according to which you will accept investments in your PAMM-account and start trading

Download Agreement

This information will be available for your investment contractors. When you accept an investment request, this information becomes visible for you and vice versa. It establishes the communication between the system users as the company is only a technical intermediary giving the guarantee of money refund and trader's share calculation without interference in other issues between a trader and investor.

Only US dollar accounts can be registered with VIPTRADE PAMM system. If you do not have a US dollar account, you can open it online on the company's website.

The Waiting for Synchronization status means that your investment will be processed as soon as possible. All investment requests are processed once an hour.

After you click "Accept investment", the investment status changes to "Waiting for synchronization", which means that it is necessary to wait for a while until the investment reaches the account. In case there are other investments waiting for synchronization, they will be added to the account simultaneously.

VIPTRADE PAMM system does not guarantee that the managing trader will take profit. It is meant for ensuring the technical coordination between traders and investors, which includes monitoring of PAMM accounts, money acceptance and refund. Therefore, the system guarantees your funds protection, so they will not be withdrawn by the PAMM trader. Moreover, the system ensures that you can withdraw your investment from the PAMM trader's account at a short notice within 30-60 minutes after requesting (depending on the synchronization).

VIPTRADE PAMM system protects investors against the risk of funds withdrawal by a PAMM trader. A PAMM trader can withdraw only his share of PAMM account not involved in trading.

If the investors share in the account is over 90% and there are a few of them or only one investor, then it is possible. But the PAMM system allows accepting investments from hundreds of PAMM traders and keep funds from hundreds of investors on one trading account, so the possibility of simultaneous withdrawal is very low and inversely proportionate to the number of investors.

Before even getting started in the branded FX space, you need to make sure that your business name, logos, images, and any other visual representation of your brand instills a sense of trust and confidence in your clients. This is an area where we recommend that you invest time and money to get it done right. Many potential clients will take only seconds to judge your business. Why risk a rejection due to a poor looking logo? It’s just not worth it.

Yes, you can register an affiliate account with the PAMM system, but this service is available only for PAMM investors and PAMM partners.

Choose PAMM system in Client Cabinet and click "My Investments". Please note that investor can withdraw only the TOTAL investment amount. If you plan to withdraw parts of the investment, you should invest different amounts to be able to withdraw them separately.

Yes, the service is free, but there is a limit of 10 SMS per 24 hours for one account.

At present there are no restrictions on receiving affiliate commissions from PAMM accounts. Nevertheless, such affiliate accounts is subject to the basic rules of VIPTRADE affiliate program.

You set a commission rate at registering with the PAMM system. It can be changed at any time in PAMM Cabinet but will be effective only for new investments. Besides, you can create sets of conditions, so a PAMM investor can choose the conditions of investing in your PAMM account he likes best.

Yes, you can. In order to receive part of the profit, request a rollover. This option is available in the Investments section of PAMM Cabinet. This option is active only for profitable investments. Both PAMM trader and PAMM investor can use the option.

In Client Cabinet you can activate the Remove Account from Monitoring function that deletes an account from monitoring. If you want to register in VIPTRADE PAMM system as a different user (for example, PAMM investor instead of PAMM trader, or vice versa), just open a new account. A client can register an unlimited number of accounts with VIPTRADE.

You can invest only the Welcome bonus 30% in a PAMM trader account.

A PAMM investor can see the following information about the PAMM trader in Monitoring on default: account number, project name, and the name and email of a trader if he shows it. Additional information is available after investing.

A PAMM trader sees the account number of the investor, his phone number and email registered in the PAMM system

Yes, a PAMM trader can get a bonus.

An account with a bonus can be registered as PAMM trader account. The bonus will not be cancelled and will be recorded as PAMM trader's funds.

The Welcome bonus shall not be cancelled. You are allowed to invest your bonus. Yet, if certain part of the bonus has been left on the account after the investment, this part shall be cancelled until the refund of the investment.

In Monitoring. If his investment request was accepted, the trader commission rate will also available in the My Investments section of PAMM Cabinet.

On average, it will be seen in an hour on a chart and in 5-10 minutes on the monitoring list.

Yes, according to the normal procedure.

The loss is divided proportionate to the investor and trader shares in the account. Trader commission rate is not important in this case.

Different widgets are available to VIPTRADE clients. For example, there are widgets which display profitability statistics of PAMM projects in terms of balance and equity whereas the monitoring list with PAMM account statistics show only equity data.

Statistic data in widgets of PAMM projects is updated once an hour. Therefore, there is a small lag between the data displayed on the widget and the data on the monitoring list.

The funds withdrawn from the PAMM account will become available 12 hours after being credited to your account.

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